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“You did a great job on your featured book review of

Mavericks at Work. There’s a lot of kick to it, which I

always enjoy, so my kudos to you.”
Melissa Ward, Editor

“You’re always such a thorough writer! Thanks again for

turning in copy that requires so little editing.”

Lisa Bouchey, Editor

“You’re a great writer to work with.” 
Becki Swinehart, Editor 

“Thanks for your punctuality and professionalism.”

Alexandra Matisoff-Li, Editor

“We are delighted that Nan has joined the talented writers who contribute to German Life. Nan wrote the Haflinger story, an article that a huge number of you who sent back the survey indicated was your favorite.”

Carolyn Cooke, Editor

“I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am with the Vance Chamberlain profile. You’ve done an outstanding job with the story.”

Lisa Watts, Editor

“Thanks so much for your nice “docs on board” article. The lead is terrific and I really appreciate your getting quotes from so many doctors – very impressive!”

Deborah Hay, Editor

 “Got a copy of the premiere issue of Winston-Salem Monthly today. Thanks so much for including the article ‘Forever These Lands.’ It was a very well written article and a beautiful layout.”

Amy Lindsey, Piedmont Land Conservancy



“Thanks again for all your hard work. I appreciate the

research involved – especially for the Panthermania piece.

You had a big hand in creating this issue and deserve

to share in any of its successes.”

Jodi Greenwald, Editor in Chief

“I want to be sure you know that the success of the

magazine could never have happened without you.

I cannot emphasize that enough.”

J.J. Bissell, Publisher  

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